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The price is currently......$62.00 for the shorter spindles, $69.00 for the taller spindles for two balls of yarn.
We have had many requests for our yarn spinners and have not been able to keep up with our creating of our various products. To accommodate those of you who love these, we will take orders for them and will have to give you a date of shipping at the time of the order. It appears that we will be working with a one to two week production time. We hope this will be satisfactory for now. Thanks for your patience.

Our yarn spinners are created by Mingo and I in our wood and glass studio. The circles are laminated from various hardwoods, turned on the lathe and then attached to the laminated base which is wood burned, named and watercolor painted on the bottom. Mingo thinks the bottoms should be as beautiful as the tops. Asho turns the spindles. We have them with two sizes of hand turned spindles. You will love using these, the yarn spins off really smoothly as there is a tiny lazy susan under the circle. You can use balls of yarn or cones on the spindle. If you plan to use cones please notify us when ordering. Enjoy